Bridlewood Bible Chapel

Kanata, Ontario

Teaching Series: How To Study the Bible – Feb 26, 1:30-3:30

A three part teaching series at Bridlewood Bible Chapel 

How to Study the Bible by Jamie Martin
Saturday February 26, 2022

Meeting Times:

  • 1:30 – How to Study the Bible – Part 1
  • 2:30 – How to Study the Bible – Part 2
  • 3:30 – How to Study the Bible – Part 3 

Virtual or In Person attendance is available
Sessions are open to all age groups and we would encourage everyone to attend

 Session will be interactive – please be prepared with a Bible, Concordance (physical or electronic), paper and pen/pencil 

Please register in advance

To register or if you have any questions please use “Contact Us

Northern Men’s Conference – Apr 10, 10 am – noon

The Northern Men’s Conference is planned, Lord willing, as an all-Zoom conference for Saturday April 10 at 10 am – Noon.

Our speaker is Phil Barnes, Executive Director for MSC Canada.  Phil and his wife, Marilyn, currently reside in Stoney Creek, Ontario. For a number of years, Phil and Marilyn were in New Liskeard as full time workers in Northern Ontario. They subsequently served as missionaries in Zimbabwe, before returning to  to work with MSC.


  • 10 am welcome, prayer & intro
  • 45 minute message:     “What Don’t You Want To Know?” – Phil Barnes
  • 15 minute  coffee & bathroom break, as well as ‘virtual fellowship time’. 
  • 45 minute message:  “What Don’t You Want to Do?” – Phil Barnes
  • Closing at noon 

This conference is for men of all ages.

Please connect between 9:45 and 9:55 am, so that we can begin on time.

Click here to launch Zoom and join the conference.

If you wish to call in, those details are below.

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40th Annual Ottawa Valley Easter Conference

Friday, April 2nd – Sunday, April 4th, 2021
A Virtual Conference Hosted by Bridlewood Bible Chapel

Warren Henderson-Stevensville, MTRandy Hoffman –  Heidelberg, ON
A former aerospace engineer, Warren now serves the Lord in full-time ministry with his wife Brenda. They were commended to the Lord’s work by Believer’s Bible Chapel in Rockford, Illinois in 1998. Warren is an itinerant Bible teacher, and is involved in family counselling, writing, evangelism, and church planting.Randy met and married his wife Sherri while they attended Emmaus Bible College. After years in the apple orchard business, Randy and Sherri were commended by Heidelberg Bible Fellowship to local and itinerant teaching in Ontario and the US. They are involved in assisting the elders where needed, including pastoral care and premarital counselling.
Easter Conference Recordings:

Video and Audio in .mp4 format can be found here:
 Link to video recordings  

Audio only  in .mp3 format can be found here:
 Link to audio only recordings 
 Other Useful Links:

Warren Henderson’s YouTube Channel with additional ministry:
Link to Warren’s YouTube Channel 

Warren Henderson’s website with information about his books:
Link to Warren’s Website

Heidelberg Bible Fellowship Ministry Series – March 21-28

On rare occasions, often separated by hundreds of years, God revealed future events to his prophets. He did this through the agency of the Holy Spirit and preserved the revelations the prophets received in the Scriptures. They are there for our benefit that we might know that the Bible is the Word of God and that we might understand what God has done, is doing, and will do.

One might think that if God wanted us to know the future, took the trouble to have communicated it to his prophets, commanded them to write it down, and preserved it for thousands of years in the Bible for us to read, that he would have stated what was going to happen in the simplest terms so that everyone could understand it. This is not the case. Biblical prophecies are among the most difficult passages of the Bible to interpret. Not even the prophets who wrote them down always understood what they meant.

Join us for this series of talks as we study the nature, content, and significance of the predictive passages of the Bible.

If you’d like to join live via Zoom, please contact Randy Hoffman at Heidelberg Bible Fellowship. Recordings of the series will be available online here.

January Family Bible Hour Series: After His Heart

Gerry Libby delivered a series of messages at the Family Bible Hour in January. See below for an introduction as well as links to Gerry’s messages and follow-up questions for each message.

A Heart Like His: A Servant HeartJan 10

You can find Gerry’s Jan 10th message here.

Questions to reflect on:

1)    Why is total surrender to the Lord so difficult for us?  What specific issues, fears or things may be holding me back from surrendering myself to Him?

2)    How intimately do I walk with Christ?  Do I spend time with him daily?  Am I conscious of a real relationship with Him or am I just going through the motions as a Christian?  What practical steps can I take to change that?

3)    How is the fact that the Lord called David, “a man after (His) own heart”, an encouragement to you?  How do you relate with David in his strengths and his weaknesses?

Leadership in the Local Church: A Heart of Integrity Jan 17

You can find Gerry’s Jan 17th message here.

Questions to reflect on:

1)    Why is the heart (inner person) more important than ability, personality or education in spiritual leadership?  Does this principle apply in leadership in the secular world?

2)    Think of the best examples of people that you know that have integrity. How would you describe their character?  What are the positive aspects of their character?  

3)    Is there something in your inner person that affects your integrity?  What do you need to be honest with God about in order to change?

4)    If Christians (the church) lack integrity, how is our witness to people within our community affected?

A Heart Like His: Encouraging and Mentoring –
Jan 24

You can find Gerry’s Jan 24th message here.

Questions to reflect on:

1)    Why do we tend to focus on the negatives in our relationships with people?  What can help us to focus on the positives of people in our relationships (think of God’s heart and work of salvation for people)? 

2)    Discuss why encouragement is so needed.  What hinders me (personally) from being an encourager?  What needs to change in my heart and perspective in order for me to be more of an encourager? 

3)     Think of people that you could encourage.  Think of practical ways that you could encourage them.  Make a plan to do this and do it this week.  Try to continue doing this week after week.

A Heart Like His: Witnessing and Evangelism –
Jan 31

You can find Gerry’s January 31st message here.

Questions to reflect on:

1)    Why is the credibility of our testimony such an important issue in witnessing for Christ?  

2)    Is the method of evangelism more important than our heart in evangelism or is our heart more important than the method?  Why?

3)    If you are not doing this already:  1) Choose a few individuals whose salvation you can seriously pray for.  2) Think of some way that you can serve them / care for them / spend time with them. 3) Ask the Lord to give you an opportunity to share Christ with them.  4) Patiently continue this.

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