Kanata, Ontario

Month: January 2021

January Family Bible Hour Series: After His Heart

Gerry Libby delivered a series of messages at the Family Bible Hour in January. See below for an introduction as well as links to Gerry’s messages and follow-up questions for each message.

A Heart Like His: A Servant HeartJan 10

You can find Gerry’s Jan 10th message here.

Questions to reflect on:

1)    Why is total surrender to the Lord so difficult for us?  What specific issues, fears or things may be holding me back from surrendering myself to Him?

2)    How intimately do I walk with Christ?  Do I spend time with him daily?  Am I conscious of a real relationship with Him or am I just going through the motions as a Christian?  What practical steps can I take to change that?

3)    How is the fact that the Lord called David, “a man after (His) own heart”, an encouragement to you?  How do you relate with David in his strengths and his weaknesses?

Leadership in the Local Church: A Heart of Integrity Jan 17

You can find Gerry’s Jan 17th message here.

Questions to reflect on:

1)    Why is the heart (inner person) more important than ability, personality or education in spiritual leadership?  Does this principle apply in leadership in the secular world?

2)    Think of the best examples of people that you know that have integrity. How would you describe their character?  What are the positive aspects of their character?  

3)    Is there something in your inner person that affects your integrity?  What do you need to be honest with God about in order to change?

4)    If Christians (the church) lack integrity, how is our witness to people within our community affected?

A Heart Like His: Encouraging and Mentoring –
Jan 24

You can find Gerry’s Jan 24th message here.

Questions to reflect on:

1)    Why do we tend to focus on the negatives in our relationships with people?  What can help us to focus on the positives of people in our relationships (think of God’s heart and work of salvation for people)? 

2)    Discuss why encouragement is so needed.  What hinders me (personally) from being an encourager?  What needs to change in my heart and perspective in order for me to be more of an encourager? 

3)     Think of people that you could encourage.  Think of practical ways that you could encourage them.  Make a plan to do this and do it this week.  Try to continue doing this week after week.

A Heart Like His: Witnessing and Evangelism –
Jan 31

You can find Gerry’s January 31st message here.

Questions to reflect on:

1)    Why is the credibility of our testimony such an important issue in witnessing for Christ?  

2)    Is the method of evangelism more important than our heart in evangelism or is our heart more important than the method?  Why?

3)    If you are not doing this already:  1) Choose a few individuals whose salvation you can seriously pray for.  2) Think of some way that you can serve them / care for them / spend time with them. 3) Ask the Lord to give you an opportunity to share Christ with them.  4) Patiently continue this.