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Jess has put a playlist of all those amazing Sparks songs right here for you. Listen to your favourites or listen to them all!

Week 9: We are going to Jericho!

Here is our latest Sparks video. This should be exciting and warm on a cold November day!

Below are the posts from previous weeks

It’s so great to be back for another year. Sparks will run differently for now but we are so excited to be able to spend time with you again.

Here is a letter for the parents of new Sparks – welcome and we look forward to getting to know you!

Here is a letter for the parents of returning Sparks – welcome back!

Week 1: Sparks News FLASH

Here is our first weekly video! We will have a new one each week (more or less), so have a look and come back in a few days.

Week 2: Last week was so much fun … let’s do it again!

Here is the week 2 video. Be sure to sing the Whoop Whoops so everyone at home can hear you!

Week 3: October already? Leaves coming down?
Time is just flying!

Here is the week 3 video. [I wonder when M&J will have to start wearing coats for the songs?] Enjoy!

Week 4: Thanksgiving! Yay!

Costumes! Props! Beards! What will they think of next? Here is the week 4 video!

Week 5: Awards, Doctor Oops and Professor Know-it-all!

There is soooo much packed into the the week 5 video!

Week 6: Why is Sparkie upside down?

Multi-puppet-costume-media time with the week 6 video!

Week 7: Sparks, Can you believe that we are about half way to Christmas?

The week 7 video is right here!

Week 8: Sparkie is ready for Remembrance Day!

And … wait a second … are we going camping this week? Find out in the week 8 video right here!