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Week 29: The Final Night of Sparks!

Get some awards and some laughs! Watch the video here!

Week 28: Time to Rewind!

And look at what we learned this year! Click here for the video!

Week 27: Put on the Full Armour of God!

And share your ideas for the Sparks finale! Send them in to Mrs. Tyler!

Click here to see the video!

Week 26: Learn how animals talk to each other

Check out this week’s video!

Week 25: Ever wonder what a Supernova is?

Get a closer look at the night sky in this weeks video!

Week 24: Is it a Preying Mantis or a Praying Mantis?

And someone gets five shares!? Check it out in this weeks video!

Week 23: Mrs. Tyler is out in a storm!

Let’s find out why. Watch the video here.

Week 22: Welcome back from March Break

Today is about squirrels, treasure and pirates. Yup. And all from the Bible. Really! OK, not the pirate part but the pirate will help out. Check it out here!

Week 21: Mrs. Tyler is in the desert

And thinking about dessert and other important things! Watch the video here!

Week 20: Thinking about noses and moles and Jesus

Oh … and Zacchaeus, too. That’s right – watch the video here to see !

Week 19: Let’s go see the nurse

What’s that, you don’t feel sick? Well, let’s see the nurse anyway – just click here!

Week 18: What’s up with your hair?

And … ewww … something smells awful. Find out what it is right here!

Week 17: Welcome to Fabulous February!

This week, we are talking about the race to the moon! Check it out here!

Week 16: It is time to build a tower!

And we will talk about meerkats. (Wait … what’s a meerkat?) This week’s video will answer that question.

Week 15: Wait a second … that’s not Sparkie?!

This week, we will talk about the Bible and dreams. Check out the video here.

Week 14: Have you ever wondered why flamingos are pink?

Find out in your newest video right here on this verrrry snoooooooowy day.

Week 13: Mrs. Tyler seems to be doing some planting!

And we find out how Sparkie kicks back and relaxes. The video for this week is right here.

Week 12: It’s a new year and a new video!

Have you ever wondered what Miranda does with her spare time? Oh – and we’ll look at caterpillars, seahorses and moths. (Really!) Watch the video here.

Week 11: We meet Ranger and travel into the desert!

Make sure you fill your canteen before you click here for this week’s video.

Week 10: There are sooo many shares to give out

We are going to learn about power. Watch the video for this week here.

Week 9: Have you ever wondered if Sparkie has a phone?

This week, our video is about good friends. You can watch it here.

Week 8: Where we find some blue jewels and go to the middle of the ocean

And if that’s not enough, Joshua’s people obey God (well, almost all the people obey). Want to know what happens? Watch the video here.

Week 7: And we woke up to a bit of snow

Have you ever wondered why sheep are mentioned in the Bible so often? This week’s video has the answer – watch it here!

Week 6: It’s time for questions for Sparkie

Did you send a question in? Check out the video for this week for Sparkie’s answers.

Week 5: Sparkie and Chelsea are doing the opening!

There’s also a Bible lesson about a rainbow. Do you know which one that is? See if you are right by watching this week’s video.

Week 4: What are Sky and Storm up to?

And who are they? And why do they have a duck? Watch this week’s video to find out!

Week 3: And it looks like Mrs. Tyler is going into space!

And – Sparkie wants you to send in some questions. Watch the video to find out more! Here is your third weekly video.

Week 2: We hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Here is your second weekly video.

Week 1: Sparks are back online!

Here is your first weekly video! Time to catch up with the Tylers and Sparkie!

Would you like some help learning the books of the Bible? You can download flashcards here and print them at home.

Do you need information about a missionary for one of your handbook sections? Then click right here!

Jess has put a playlist of all those amazing Sparks songs right here for you. Listen to your favourites or listen to them all!