Dear Parent/Guardian;

We are very pleased to have your child in Sparks this year!  It is a privilege to work together with you in the spiritual, mental, social and physical training of your child.  

Sparks will begin at 6:25 pm.  When you arrive, please sign your child in at the sign-in table at the top of the stairs.  Please pick up (sign-out) your child sharply at 8:00 pm upstairs at the door of the sanctuary.

All costs for the club are included in the registration fee of $50.  The exception is your child’s vest, which is $20.  Your child earns the right to wear the vest once completing ‘Flight 3:16 booklet’.  

Looking forward to a wonderful year!

Your Child’s Sparks Director

Tammy Tyler 

About the SPARKS Program…

Sparks is designed for children in Senior Kindergarten through second grade.  Sparks includes a fun firefly character named Sparky.  Sparky firefly motivates children through their handbook. Sparky wants the children to “shine for Jesus” in all that they say and do.

Children in Sparks wear a red vest and earn awards to display on this vest.  These awards are earned by completing work in the appropriate handbook for them: HangGlider, WingRunner, SkyStormer.  Handbooks provide age-appropriate bible study, memorization, and other bible-centered activities.  Each handbook includes an audio download which dramatizes the handbook’s text.  I will send you the link to access this download.

SPARKS Schedule:

– 6:15-6:25pm:       Sign-In at top of stairs!!!

– 6:25-6:35pm:      Opening Flag Ceremony/Special Announcements

– 6:35-7:00pm:      Small group Time (Handbook time)

– 7:00-7:30pm:      Games time

– 7:30-8:00pm:      Council Time (songs and message)

– 8:00pm:              Pick-Up in Sanctuary upstairs, must Sign out!!!

Spark’s Entrance Pamphlet ‘Flight 3:16’

The Spark’s entrance booklet is called ‘Flight 3;16’.  Upon completion of ‘Flight 3:16’ and attending 2 nights at Sparks, your child will be an official member of the Sparks Club!!  He/She will receive an official membership card, HangGlider handbook, and vest.


How to Use the HangGlider Book

Your child receives a HangGlider handbook after completing ‘Flight 3:16’.  The sections throughout this book are to be done in order, with the exception of the ’missionary sections’ (Green Jewel 2 # 1, 2, and 3).  These sections can be done at any time. 

** Please Note:

  1. Your Sparky must pass a section with no more than 2 helps or prompts.  They must say both the verse and the reference.   The ReturnFlight sections (in blue) are review and should be done without any helps.  The Handbook is done at your child’s own pace.  
  1. As an encouragement, with every third section your child is able to complete, he/she will receive an AWANA Share (dollar).  We hold an AWANA store three to four times a year for the Clubbers to spend their AWANA shares. 
  1. The ‘Bring a Friend’ section seems to be the hardest for Clubbers to complete.  We have decided to make this section optional.  Once your child gets to this section, he/she will automatically be credited with completing it.  Friends are welcome.

Supplemental/Extra Credit Work

If your child completes his/her handbook in the first half of the year and is not able to go on to the next handbook due to their grade level, he/she will receive Frequent Flyer Extra Credit Cards.  These cards review the verses already learned (should be word perfect) and have lots of fun activities as well.  Once completed, your Sparky will receive a review patch and Sparky pin. 

Should your child complete his/her handbook in the second half of the year, he/she is to review the bubble sections in the HangGlider handbook.  Once completed, your Sparky will receive a review patch. 


AWANA Commander: Greg Tyler

Sparks Directors: Tammy Tyler

Truth in Training Director: Sandy Schafer

Trek/Journey Director: Tracy Bigelow and Megan Reid

Games Directors: to be announced

Music Directors: Julie Boudreau and Jessica Tyler

Special Events:  David Hudson

Secretary: Tammy Tyler

And many, many more leaders and helpers J